‘Obsidian Crown’ is a top-down, roguelite shooter for Windows / PC that doesn’t require the player to kill everything in sight! Featuring Pixel graphics and a unique ‘karma’ game mechanic, Obsidian Crown challenges each player to find the right balance of weapons in order to complete the game, save planet Earth, and rescue your beloved pet! You must survive the myriad creatures and devices that want to harm you, while showing your captors that humanity is capable of mercy.

* Obsidian Crown will be available for Windows PC on STEAM on 22nd October 2019.


Obsidian Crown Gameplay trailer

Plucked from obscurity by cosmic forces, you have been chosen to represent humanity in this ultimate test of survival. Fortunately your captors have given you the fabled ‘Obsidian Crown’. This unique object lights your way through the labyrinth passages of the multiverse.

The crown focuses your karma, so be strategic in your choice of weapons! Conventional weapons destroy the creatures that inhabit this place, however they also damage your ‘karma’. If your karma falls too low, your light will diminish and your speed will drop. Fortunately, there are ‘bubble’ defensive weapons, that restore your karma and provide useful item drops to help you.

Can you survive the horrors of the multiverse to save not only your planet, but your precious pet!?

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